Hero Image Creator


Create hero images and web backgrounds that will stand out and look rad in just a few clicks!


This Hero Image creator kit was designed to:

Create visually stunning web backgrounds from basic stock photos
Create photo backgrounds which will make your text and headings more readable – put an end to illegible titles!
Transform low res imagery – If your client supplies low res imagery you can add deliberate styles such as halftones to cover up any nasty pixelation!
Save time and create hero images with colours that match your brand
Have fun experimenting. There are endless combinations of effects, patterns and shapes to create something original


What you get:

  • 10 Background patterns/textures- dots, lines, waves, crosses, photocopy effects and more.
  • 15+ vector shapes and elements – in 3 different styles: Fluid shapes, dots and squiggles
  • 3 Different designs -10 duotones which are easy to use and edit
  • Photoshop & Sketch files (Please not Halftone effects only work in Photoshop)
  • Multiple mockup layouts
  • Links to Photos included (Fonts not included)
  • PDF how to use guide


Join the fight against boring hero images and unreadable headings today!


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